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RFID System Design and Implementation

If you require an RFID system for your business, ranging from item labeling in retail and logistics, over hospitality or medical applications, to access control and property or asset tracking, we can get your project up and running. For this we offer:

  • Project Management.

  • Brand independent system design ranging from low frequency to ultra high frequency applications and using the full spectrum of available tag chips (Class 0 - Class 5).

  • Application specific antenna design for your tag requirements.

  • Signal optimization for enhanced coverage even in challenging environments, such as in close proximity to metal or liquids.

Development of novel RFID technologies

For the labeling of many applications, such as low-cost items, the price point of RFID technology has hampered its use and a more widespread adoption, despite clear advantages in handling and read-out when compared to the barcode. For the replacement of this omnipresent item label, and to open a virtually endless market for RFID technology, the volume component of the System needs to breaks the 1$ cent barrier.

Therefore, we have developed a new type of passive RFID-Tag concept, which works chipless by storing information in the frequency domain by using special antenna structures. Because of this, and because we rely on printable electronics, our RFID-Tag concept can break the 1$ cent barrier.  To be even more attractive for a widespread application, our tags can be integrated on mechanically flexible and low temperature substrates such as plastic or paper, making our tags especially rugged and adaptable to your specific application.

How rugged are our tags? See for yourself:

Accelerated aging by crumpling!

using a two day demo crumple and repeat routine at the:



Occasional hammer test!

for a more rigorous testing routine at the:



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