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RFID Development

We have developed a new type of chipless passive RFID-Tag concept, which stores Information in the frequency domain using special antenna structures instead of on a chip. Because of this, and because we rely on printable electronics, our RFID-Tag concept can break the 1$ cent barrier.  

Where can RFID-Tags be applied when their price point breaks the 1$ cent barrier? Well the major market is everything, as such tags have the potential to replace the barcode. Find a selection of possible applications in the figures.

Our tags can be integrated on mechanically flexible and low temperature substrates such as plastic or paper, making our tags especially rugged and adaptable to your specific application.

How rugged is an                    passive, chipless RFID-Tag? 

"When the going gets tough, the tough get going". This old saying holds true with regard to our capabilities in Bluetooth, NFC and 5G communication design.

When applications are challenging, such as for medical purposes or for device to device communication in production environments, signal damping can limit the use of Bluetooth, NFC or 5G.  

Our unique combination in expertise for RF antenna design, technological know-how such as ceramic additive manufacturing, printable electronics and hybrid electronics can help you bridge these challenges and find tailored wireless communication solutions for your needs.

Occasional hammer test!

for a more rigorous testing routine at the:



Accelerated aging by crumpling!

using a two day demo crumple and repeat routine at the:



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