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Wireless Out-of-Body

We enable communication in even the most challenging environments, with a focus on Out-of-Body communication for medical applications. This  ranges from standard medical frequencies to non-standard frequencies such as Bluetooth, enabling a direct link between your in-vivo application and smart phones. This is possible due to our holistic combination of  modeling and experimental expertise, allowing us to offer out-of-body communication for next generation active implants or other WBAN solutions.


Human body model for hardware modelling

Our human body models are the basis for our communication module designs and rely on an accurate database of different body tissues, each with their own electronic properties.

This allows us to offer application and position specific communication hardware designs, enabling efficient and optimally matched antennas to the surrounding tissue. Our data catalog even offers different BMI body types, as well as different body positions, such as lying or sitting people, ensuring stable connections for each use case and for each position.

Fast prototyping

We are able to control model and simulation accuracy for our hardware designs, by using the finite-difference time-domain method with Empire XPU software, to obtain broadband results for e.g. an antenna module design. We can then further optimize such an application for specific frequencies using Ansys HFSS, a FEM solver which provides high modeling accuracy.

Rapid test hardware implementation is possible  due to our technological know-how in such areas as ceramic additive manufacturing, printable and hybrid electronics, as well as our partners with whom we can deliver small scale custom PCB designs within short periodes of time.


App development for seamless smartphone integration

Our capabilities go beyond pure hardware design and include software development for C-based, iOS and Android applications.


This makes us a one stop shop for creating fully custom IOT systems, which enable the communication from machine to machine or from machine to any smartphone for a seamless end user experience.

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